Gayton to donate MP salary for missing girl

Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader Gayton McKenzie has vowed to take the cold case of a missing Joslin Smith to parliament after being elected into the national assembly. He has also pledged to donate “100%” of his salary as a member of parliament (MP) to a foundation named in her honour.

The political leader has taken an active role in the search for the Saldanha Bay girl who disappeared from her home in Diazville on 19 February.

Four people – including Joslin’s mom, Kelly Smith – have been arrested on charges of kidnapping and human trafficking. The accused are expected to return to court on 15 July pending further investigation.


In an emotional Facebook post on Friday, 14 June – where he will be officially sworn in as an MP – Gayton McKenzie shared an emotional post about Joslin Smith.

He shared alongside a picture of the missing girl: “We are coming to look for you. We worked together with the cops looking for you; we gave them hints and leads, we searched and found the suspects, and all was good. It was not politics but working together.

He continued: “We took a decision to stand back and pray, hoping that they will find little Joslin. Many members were angry at cops; I told them not to be, politics is dirty, and politicians rule the cops.”.

Gayton McKenzie has expressed his frustrations in the search for Joslin Smith.
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With the PA winning just over 2% of the vote in the general elections and nine seats in parliament, Gayton has vowed to use his influence to help find the six-year-old.

He continued: “I’m excited today, we are taking the Joslin Smith matter to parliament. We are going to demand the re-starting of this investigation and retesting of all evidence in the lab. We will make sure that our little girl is not forgotten. 

“The search continues.

“We will follow up on our leads again, we are now members of parliament and will not be told to stand behind barbed wire.

“We will go in with our people to look Kelly and her gang in the eyes. 

He added: “We will never give up on Joslin.”

We are coming to look for you

We worked together with the cops looking for you, we gave them hints and leads, we…

Posted by Gayton Mckenzie on Thursday 13 June 2024


Meanwhile, Gayton McKenzie also vowed to donate his MP salary to a foundation set up in Joslin Smith’s name.

He tweeted earlier this week: “I currently earn more from my investments per month. 

“I will donate a hundred percent of my parliamentary salary to the Joslin Smith Foundation for missing children.”

In a Facebook Live earlier this month, Gayton revealed he would establish the foundation to aid the search for missing children in South Africa.

“I don’t need a salary from Paliament. It’s my way of giving back”, he said.

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