Google is bringing AI-generated quizzes to academic videos on YouTube

At its annual Google I/O 2024 developer conference, Google announced AI-generated quizzes, where a new conversational AI tool on YouTube will allow users to figuratively “raise their” hand when watching educational videos. Viewers can ask clarifying questions, get helpful explanations or take a quiz on the subject matter. 

The company says the capability even works with longer educational videos, such as lectures or seminars, due to Gemini model’s long-context capabilities. These new features are rolling out to select Android users in the U.S.

Image Credits: Google

The official launch comes almost a year after YouTube began experimenting with AI-generated quizzes on its mobile app. 

With these new features, you can ask the AI to summarize the video or tell you why it’s important. If you want to test your knowledge, you can ask the AI to quiz you on the topic. The AI will then give you a multiple choice question.

Given that YouTube has established itself as a home for education content, the new features allow it to offer a more personalized and interactive experience to learners.

Google made the announcement as it introduced LearnLM, its new family of models fine-tuned for learning, based on Gemini.

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